Today, an estimated number of Muslim Rohingya Refugee Children in Malaysia are about 15,000, who are totally deprived of their basic rights to education, while they are being exploited by various quarters.20141106_113624

At the same time, non-Muslim missionaries and NGOs become key caretaking groups for these children as there is no appropriate quarter which pave a role to develop these underprivileged children in consideration of illegal immigrants.

We find that Islam is a religion for poor and thus Muslim NGOs and philanthropists provide IFTAR for one day and a meal with beef during the time of Qurban, become a common practice of Islam, while not looking into the matter of religious education (Fardu Ain) which is compulsory for every Muslim.

Indeed, the arrival of Rohingya refugees in Malaysia is not less than 30 years, escaping brutal military persecution for their ethnic, cultural and religious background but never got chance to learn a single word (LAAILAAHA ILLAH) under legal frameworks. Therefore, almost entire young people and children are uneducated. Many are committing crimes in both of Shari’ah and Customary Laws in Malaysia.

However, there are 10 education sectors for the Muslim Rohingya refugee children in Selangor and Wilaya Persekutuan in current circumstances. Of them 7 are operating by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and its partner organizations like Harvest Center (Church Community) and Taiwan Buddhist Tzu-Chi Foundation, only 1 is supported by Malaysian Relief Agency, while 2 other remains without any supportive hands from any quarters.

In every institution, the only academic education are given but in this Darul Eslah Academy is giving combined education (both academic and religious education) without any gap

In these regards, Muslim Rohingya refugee children are facing serious challenges on their religious beliefs and thus appealing to Ummah (People) Society to look into the matter to save their generation from all kinds of ill motivations and etc with a view to bringing them to the real light of Deen by your valuable contribution.



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