Mission, Vision and Programs

Our Mission:

To promote an excellent educational environment and culture in order to bring an end of illiteracy rate and breaking the circle of poverty among orphans, refugee, poor, disadvantaged and underprivileged children and youths, particularly of those who belong to the persecuted Muslim Rohingya of Arakan State, Burma (Myanmar) with the values of excellent character, universal discipline, mutual respect and care in beyond the school and into the wider community.

Our mission consists of three key elements:

 Educational Excellence:

  • A belief that illiteracy bring unexpected burden in every society, while potentiality towards success is undermined and thus combating the gaps within a high quality and intellectually challenging educational environment.
  • A commitment towards a ray of hope with the aspirations of learning and achievement.
  • An approach to secure learning excellence with a root of passion that each individual is unique, special and capable of increasing quality beyond limitations.


Character Development:

  • An unified identity of our students, teachers, their parents and communities feel a strong sense of belonging to an excellent character by “Iman and Amal” (Belief and Practice).
  • A comprehensive focus on education values that inspires honesty, integrity, compassion and mutual respect into all our students, teachers, parents and communities.
  • A strong commitment towards self-respect and self-confidence which inspires to become the best person among each and every student in their practical life.


Service to Communities:

  • A determination to develop dedicated servants of humanity with positive attitudes towards ending illiteracy rate, eradication of poverty on the principles of peace and harmony throughout social change and community transformations of the Rohingya.
  • A sense of personal accountability and of responsibility to others with a view to bring an end of the plight of the Rohingyas through appropriate assistances and services.
  • A promise to serve the causes of Rohingya and humanity with a completely charitable initiative and to changing their challenging lives to the world.


Our Vision:

  • Caring of destitute Rohingya children and grassroots community for the inspiration of changes towards universally peaceful environment and stability in society and the world


Our Values:

Service – Taking responsibility for community in order to filling up the gaps.

Teamwork – Working together for excellence with mutual trust and better cooperation

Ambition – Aspiring to be the best towards community transformation.

Respect – Treating others as we wish to be treated.

Integration- Developing excellent relationship and communal harmony for the community.


Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar seek sanctuary in Malaysia

Malaysia is experiencing the impact of a surge in Rohingya Muslims fleeing violence in Myanmar in recent months. Many of the new arrivals describe horrifying ordeals they endured to make their way to Malaysia. CCTV News reporter Rian Maelzer reported this story from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Some 40,000 Rohingyas in Malaysia carry refugee cards issued by the United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR. Possibly just as many have yet to be registered, and live in fear of being detained and deported.Activists say that in recent months as many as 18,000 have arrived, desperately straining the community’s limited resources.Ayub Khan, a Rohingya refugee, is now partially paralyzed after being slashed on his shoulder as he tried to flee a mob in his hometown, before escaping to Thailand.“We were in the jungle. The human traffickers beat people, beat them severely. Some died there in the jungle. Some of us managed to escape. Thanks be to God I made it to Malaysia,” he said. Those who make it to Malaysia find themselves in legal limbo. With Malaysia not having ratified the U.N. convention on refugees, they cannot work legally or send their children to school, even if their children were born in Malaysia.Last year, Malaysia’s Minister of Home Affairs said the government would look at granting the refugees work permits, but nothing has been finalized. Immigration department officials have said they oppose the idea, believing it would attract more refugees.But those fleeing the violence in Myanmar said it’s not a matter of choice.“There’s no hope to return to my country. Following the death of my husband I’m feeling so anxious, always worrying about my children, about how to save them. There’s no choice,” said a woman named Nayeemah, whose husband was killed by traffickers as they fled to Thailand.Nayeemah prays the U.N. will resettle her family to a third country. But that remains a distant dream, as some have waited up to three decades in Malaysia with vain hopes of resettlement.

Brief introduction to the Darul Eslah Academy

Brief introduction to Darul Eslah Academy

Educate Children! Make yourselves Good! Help Others become Good! Make the world Good!

Darul Eslah Academy is a noble insituaiton which has been giving Quality and Contemporary Eduction to the children of Rohingya and Myanmar Muslim Refugees and asylum seekers. It has concrete programs for the development of Rohingya Chirdren, Juvinile, Women and elderly people through needful ways and means in various means.
Brief introduction on some Education Centers are given below:
1. “Darul Eslah Academy” is being established in 2005 for the welfare of the downtrodden, depressed, displaced, disadvantage, poor and unfortunate Rohingya and other refugee children in Ampang and its surrounding areas. It has been running with the helps of persecuted Rohingya community and some individual well-wishers in order to provide minimum education to the upcoming generations.
Presently, over 100 students have been enrolling here in three different classes like: (1) Pre-school (play group), (2) Standard-1 and (3) Standard-2. These students are getting education in different subjects of English, Mathematics, Arabic Language, Bahasa Melayu, Rohingya Language, Islamic Aqidah and Akhlaq while ensuring the General Qur’an for whom 6 teachers are regularly giving duties and facilitating classes in various ways for the betterment of the human society. Similarly, many students are waiting to get admission there. Due to lack of staff capacity and financial crises, the institution is unable to register new students but hopeful to process in the future. It is also giving adult education, free literacy classes arranging foundation courses for women on sociality and religion.
Due to financial crises or supports from concerned humanitarian quarters and humanitarian organizations or philanthropists, the institution has been facing problems to fight against illiteracy rate and poverty alleviation among the refugee communities, particularly the Rohingyas children.
Fact is that that the Rohingyas of Arakan State, Burma are educationally back-warded, socially degraded, culturally assimilated economically crippled, politically liquidated, racially discriminated and exterminated, and religiously persecuted under the brutal military regime in Burma. Since in 1942, their plights are consistently appalling and worsening into an untold suffering. It is not new but taking place for ages, which is well-known to the international arena. In sufficient attentions from the International community for the education of the Rohingya children are very limited. But, these unfortunate Rohingya expect for sincere helps or assistances in their sub-human condition to find a permanent solution for their long-standing problems.
In these regards, we, at the Darul Eslah Academy believe and hope that the concerned individuals and authorities will pay deep attention to educate Rohingya refugee, poor, displaced, disadvantaged and unfortunate children from Burma, extending meaningful helps and assistance in promotion of upcoming generation and to fight against illiteracy rate, poverty end exploitation throughout effective measures and initiatives.
Your kind visit to the academy (Darul Eslah Academy) will be highly appreciated for the services of humanity and downtrodden people at any time.
For further information, please visit us or contact us at:
Darul Eslah Academy
No. 2, Lorong 2/1G
Kg Tasik Tambahan, 68000 Ampang
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: +60163094599 or +60165894939

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Today, an estimated number of Muslim Rohingya Refugee Children in Malaysia are about 15,000, who are totally deprived of their basic rights to education, while they are being exploited by various quarters.20141106_113624

At the same time, non-Muslim missionaries and NGOs become key caretaking groups for these children as there is no appropriate quarter which pave a role to develop these underprivileged children in consideration of illegal immigrants. Continue reading

Aims and Objects of the Academy:

  • To obtain satisfaction of Allah (SWT) through educating the needy, poor, orphan, refugee, disadvantage and vulnerable children in line of Quran and Sunnah;
  • To educate the children with a view to bring a viable society to face all kinds of modern day challenges;
  • To inspire the future generations to devote for the interest of Deen (Islam) and its Da’wah.

Programs of the Academy:

  • Special Classes for the women on Tauheed (Aqidah), Fiqh Al Islami and Islamic Human Rights and Civilizations;
  • Extensive classes for adult on Islam and comparative religion in contemporary world;
  • Training on teaching Methodology and Conceptual Development of Ummah.